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Meet Kate

Hey there! I'm Kate. Head photog and capturer of kisses here at Kate + Co.
My goal as head photographer at Kate + Co. is to give my wedding couples the absolute best wedding experience from start to finish. No more being ghosted, waiting days upon days for e-mail responses, and absolutely no boring wedding pictures here! 
I've been telling love stories for Central PA couples for nearly four years now. You'll catch me gushing over every amazing photo and golden hour is my *jam* 

If you're looking for your biggest hype person, the one who is going to get your bridal party together to create an unforgettable moment, and someone you can bounce all your Pinterest hopes + dreams off of...you've come to the right place!

 + Co.

Why the Co? 
Because realistically, I can't be everywhere at once! But I still want my brides to have the total experience that I've committed years of my career to giving them! 

I've scoured the area to bring my couples the best of the best wedding photographers to shoot under my name when I can't be there myself. Brides still have access to me from initial inquiry through gallery delivery, but one of my associates will be joining you to capture the joy of your day. All photographers shooting under the Kate + Co. name have been vetted and held to the highest standards to ensure you receive the most incredible experience on your wedding day!




Between the three of these ladies, there is over 20 years of wedding shooting experience. Each one has all of the skills needed to give you the Kate + Co experience you deserve for your wedding day! 

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