What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag – Part Two

Last week I highlighted what you should pack in your hospital bag for mama. This week I’m going to tell you what you should pack for your baby!

When you’re creating your baby registry or just looking at all things baby online, it can be overwhelming. Once you’ve opened the gifts, washed the tiny little clothes and put it all away, you might not know where to start and what you’ll really need with you those first few days. After doing this three times, I’m providing you with a list (and links!) of the items I packed in my baby’s bag, and wouldn’t be caught without.

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag – FOR BABY


The hospital will give you the generic pink, white and blue striped hat that you see in pictures. But you should have some extras packed incase that one gets dirty or you just prefer other ones to match your baby’s outfits! I love these Copper Pearl hats!


Kids are messy and it starts right at birth. The hospital supplies cute little kimono tops that are perfect when you’re changing their diaper every twenty minutes (or so it seems!). But if you want to get some photos with that nice clean look, you can’t go wrong with simple Gerber onesies.

Pajamas (with zippers!)

Like I said, babies are messy. Do yourself a favor and make sure that your pajamas have zippers, not snaps. Zippered pajamas are MUCH easier and faster when you need to change diapers during those middle of the night feedings. And these Kyte baby jammies cannot be beat!

Stretchy Swaddle Blankets

I am obsessed with baby blankets. Well, blankets in general. My personal favorites are the stretchy swaddles from Copper Pearl or Lou Lou & Co. They are the perfect amount of stretch to help you swaddle your baby tight or just to lay over them in the carseat. The hospital often provides Halo swaddles with velcro for sleep, but I love the look of a matching hat & swaddle for hospital photos and just aesthetics because baby stuff is so cute!

Burp Cloths

Burp cloths will help YOU to not get messy when the baby spits up. They’re perfect for wiping up the inevitable spit up that happens after feeds or bottle dribbles while they’re eating.

Boppy Pillow

No matter how you plan to feed, the Boppy is forever useful. When we lived in a two story house I had two, one upstairs and one downstairs. Bring it along to the hospital for baby to rest on & make feedings easier. It’s also a perfect spot to eventually practice tummy time!

Going Home Outfit & Special Items

If you have a specific outfit you want your babe to wear for going home or hospital pictures, make sure you bring them along. I love the Copper Pearl gowns with a coordinating bow or hat for photos (can you tell I love their stuff?!). Also, don’t forget any special items you might have! Maybe a special stuffed animal from a family member or a blanket made by an Aunt. These newborn milestone discs are a perfect touch for hospital and at home milestone moments.

Laundry Bag

You’ll have a lot of dirty laundry going home with you, from both you and your little one. Make sure you pack an extra bag, even if it’s just a trash bag, for all of your laundry. 

For those of you that have already given birth, what items did I miss on this list for baby? Is there anything that I brought along that you didn’t?

Next up in our What to Pack In Your Hospital Bag series will be What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag – FOR YOUR SUPPORT PERSON.

Did you miss the first post? You can see that here – What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag – FOR MAMA.

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