5 Activities to Do in York This Summer with Your Kids

Summer in York, PA, offers a delightful blend of outdoor adventures and at-home activities perfect for families. Whether you’re looking to explore the great outdoors or enjoy some creative time at home, York has something to offer. Here are five fun things to do this summer with your kids.

Sisters spending the summer together playing in a creek

1. Explore the Magic of Nixon Park Nature Center

Nestled in the lush woods of York County, the Nixon Park Nature Center is a treasure trove of natural wonders and educational experiences. Spend a day hiking the scenic trails, where you might spot deer, birds, and other wildlife. The park’s ponds are teeming with frogs and turtles, making it a thrilling spot for kids who love nature.

Don’t miss the nature center itself, which houses fascinating exhibits on local flora and fauna. Kids can engage with interactive displays and learn about the ecosystems around them. Bring a picnic and enjoy your meal at one of the park’s picnic areas while taking in the serene beauty of the surroundings.

2. Create a Backyard Carnival at Home

Transform your backyard into a carnival paradise for a day of fun and laughter. Set up simple games like a ring toss, bean bag toss, and a DIY obstacle course. You can make a “fishing pond” with a small kiddie pool and toy fish or prizes.

Get the kids involved in making their own carnival tickets and posters. To add to the excitement, serve classic carnival snacks like popcorn, cotton candy, and lemonade. This is a fantastic way to encourage creativity and play, all within the comfort of your home.

3. Cool Off with a Creek Splash Session at KMP

A creek photography session with me promises a blend of natural beauty and playful moments, capturing your family in the serene setting of a local creek. Picture this: we meet at the creek, where the dappled sunlight filters through the trees, casting a golden glow over the gently flowing water. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun as we explore the creekside together, finding the perfect spots where the light is just right and the background is breathtaking. The kids, excited by the adventure, wade into the water, their reflections shimmering on the surface. We capture candid shots of their curiosity and joy as they splash and explore, their laughter echoing in the air. You might find yourselves perched on a rock, the creek rippling around you, or standing hand in hand in the shallow water, the scene capturing your family’s bond against the backdrop of nature’s simplicity.

As the session unfolds, we embrace the creek’s playful spirit, and you may even end up with a few spontaneous splashes! By the end, there’s a delightful sense of fun and connection. I encourage everyone to kick off their shoes, and we capture those genuine, joyful moments when you might get a little wet. Whether it’s a splash fight among the kids or a gentle water play between parents and children, these moments make for the most heartfelt photos. The session is more than just a series of pictures – it’s a shared experience, a mini adventure that reflects your family’s love and togetherness in the refreshing, carefree environment of the creek.

Mama snuggling with her baby boy near a creek in york,Pa

4. Water Gun Painting Fun in the Backyard

Water gun painting is a fun way to create art by using water guns filled with paint. Instead of brushes, you spray paint onto a canvas or paper, making colorful splashes and patterns. The paint flies in all directions, creating unique designs every time, so you never know exactly what you’ll get. It’s a hit with kids and adults who want to try something different and exciting.

To start, you’ll need a few things: water guns (the kind you use for summer water fights), liquid watercolors or thinned acrylic paints, and a canvas or some thick paper. Wear old clothes or aprons because it can get messy, and lay down a tarp or old sheet to protect your work area. Set up your canvas on an easel or the ground, fill the water guns with paint, and start spraying. Have fun experimenting with colors and patterns!

A creek splash session is one great activity to Do in York This Summer with Your Kids

5. Awesome Frozen Paint Art Activity

Looking for a cool and colorful art project? Try frozen paint art! This activity is all about making frozen paint popsicles and using them to create beautiful art. It’s super easy and a blast for both kids and adults. You simply mix paint with water, pour it into ice cube trays, and freeze it. Once the paint is frozen, pop the cubes out and use them like crayons or brushes to draw on paper. The melting paint creates amazing streaks and swirls, turning any paper into a masterpiece. Plus, it’s a perfect way to beat the summer heat while getting creative!

To get started, all you need is some paint, water, ice cube trays, and popsicle sticks. Mix the paint with water, pour it into the trays, and stick a popsicle stick in each compartment. Freeze them until solid, then let the fun begin! As the cubes melt, the colors blend and flow, giving your artwork a unique, watercolor-like effect. It’s a fantastic way to spend a hot afternoon, and cleanup is a breeze since everything melts away. For all the details and tips on this awesome activity, check out the full guide at The Play Based Mom.

Summer in York, PA, offers a mix of exciting outdoor adventures and creative at-home activities perfect for families. Dive into nature at Nixon Park Nature Center, where scenic trails, wildlife, and engaging exhibits make for a day full of discovery. For some backyard magic, you can set up a DIY carnival with simple games and tasty treats, or cool off with a playful photography session in a local creek. Get artsy at home by turning your backyard into a paint zone with water gun painting, or make frozen paint popsicles for a colorful, melt-and-create art project. Whether exploring the outdoors or crafting masterpieces, York has loads of fun options to keep everyone entertained this summer.

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