Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy: 5 Fun Picks

Nowadays, there are more ways to announce your pregnancy than every before. In Harrisburg, PA and beyond, you can announce on social media, privately among friends and family, or choose not to announce anything at all!! But if you’re among the many who finds joy & excitement in sharing that you’re adding a new crew member, you’ll want to read on for five fun ways to announce your good news!!

little girl standing next to her mom's pregnant belly just one way to announce her pregnancy

Incorporate Your Hobbies or Passions into Announcing Your Pregnancy

Do you and your partner love to garden together? Are you both HUGE Harry Potter fans? Incorporating things that make your family unique can be such a fun way to announce your pregnancy.

Harry Potter Pregnancy Announcement
The Sorting Hat will be making it’s house prediction in July 2024.

Gardening Announcement –
How does our garden grow? Well, we’re thrilled to announce there’s a new little sprout on the way!”

Video Game Announcement –
Level Up: Player 2 Joining the Game! Loading… New Player Expected [Due Date]! Get ready for the ultimate co-op adventure!

Plan Your Pregnancy Announcement Around an Upcoming Holiday

Are you hoping to announce your pregnancy and have a holiday coming up? Use the holiday theme to incorporate your pregnancy announcement into the holiday celebration!

St. Patrick’s Day Pregnancy Announcement –
Luck of the Irish is with us! 🍀 Our pot of gold is due [Due Date]! Get ready for a wee bit of mischief and a whole lot of love coming your way!
Easter Pregnancy Announcement –
Hoppy News Alert! 🐰🌷 This Easter, our basket is getting an extra special addition – a little bunny of our own arriving [Due Date]! Get ready for some egg-citing times ahead!
Easter just got a whole lot sweeter! 🐣🌼 We’re excited to announce that our little chickadee will be hatching [Due Date]! Get ready for an egg-ceptional journey ahead!

Have Your Kids Do The Announcing

If this isn’t your first baby, let your kids do the announcing! This is especially fun if you put a shirt on your future big brother or big sister and nonchalantly let them wear it around family and friends. Start recording on your phone and see who notices (or doesn’t) first!

You can buy some really adorable pregnancy announcement shirts on Etsy.

Announce Your Pregnancy With Your Pets

Our pets are our first babies so what better way to announce your pregnancy than with their furry siblings?! Whether you want them to wear a bandana or stand with a sign, they will love to be included and really what’s cuter than your pet besides your new baby?

Movie Poster or Trailer

Get creative and design a movie poster or trailer starring you and your partner, with the pregnancy as the main plot twist. You can have fun with titles like “The Next Adventure: Parenthood” or “Coming Soon: Our Little Star.” Share it online or host a movie night with friends and family for the grand reveal.

Whichever Way You Choose….Hire a Photographer to Announce Your Pregnancy

Regardless of which way you choose to announce your Harrisburg, PA pregnancy, hiring a photographer can be a fun, memorable way to capture the memory. Doing a pregnancy announcement on Facebook can be fun, but there is always something special about the experience of a photoshoot and you absolutely will always want to remember this incredible time in your lives together. It’s also a great way to try on photographers for your upcoming maternity & newborn sessions that you’ll inevitably be scheduling!

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